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 spiritual journey

I have been teaching the Enneagram, a system of personality understanding and a process for spiritual growth and change, for 26 years. Having worked with over 1,000 individuals, helping them live more fully conscious lives, I love nothing more than watching people wake up to new awareness and release old patterns of behavior so that they can live with more freedom and wholeness. I have studied with Palmer and Daniels, Riso and Hudson, and Hurley and Donson, and am certified in The Enneagram of Transformation and The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition. I offer classes, workshops, individual and group consultations.

The process of working with Guided Imagery and Music is a gentle and creative one. In a group of no more than four, I will help you relax, and while listening to a piece of music, offer you an experience of imaginative exploring. I believe that the unconscious wants us to heal and be whole, and my experience with Guided Imagery and Music has confirmed this belief. I certified with Helen Bonny in this method over twenty years ago, and through the years, as I have used this approach with hundreds of individuals, I have witnessed this process help people gain access to their Higher Wisdom, find solutions to life's challenges, and receive a profound sense of inner peace. Sessions are arranged for groups of up to four people.


SoulCollage® is a creative process by which we can access our own intuitive wisdom. As we journey through life, we all have questions, seek guidance, and desire insight. The answers we seek are within us. In the SoulCollage® process we create 5 x 8 collaged cards on mat board, using images we are drawn to. The images come from magazines, books, our own photo libraries, and other resources. Once we have created the cards, we can dialogue with the the cards through journalling or voicing what is arising for us. In this way we can gain insight into aspects of ourselves or our lives that are variously challenging, bedeviling, guiding, and/or supporting us. The result is deeper self-knowledge, balance, a sense of integrated wholeness, and the ability to make life decisions that come from our deepest and most trusted self. I offer 3 hour workshops on SoulCollage® for small groups (up to 8) meeting in my home and also offer workshops and retreats using SoulCollage® for larger groups in other settings. 

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