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Martie has been working in the area of spiritual and personal growth for over forty years, first as a teacher and then as an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ.  She has led retreats and done consultations, workshops, and keynote speaking throughout the country, bringing wisdom, depth, insight, and humor to each situation in an effort to help people be all God has created them to be.  In January of 2016 she retired from full time pastoral ministry and is now offering her gifts and her many decades of experience to continue to support those who wish to grow spiritually and awaken to their full potential.


In addition to offering her gift of engaging leadership, Martie has written two books: Living Grace: Spirituality in the Everyday World (2011) and A Lexicon of Grace (2016), as well as numerous articles on spirituality. She has also composed many hymns and psalm responses, several of which are published in the New Century Hymnal.


Martie uses her experience in depth psychology and spirituality combined with her creative gifts as a singer, storyteller and fine artist to create experiences that engage both the head and the heart.


Martie holds advanced certification in the Enneagram which she has been teaching throughout the country for over 20 years. She has reached well over 1,000 people with her in-depth knowledge of the Enneagram and how its understanding can be transformative for our lives. 


As a certified teacher of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music for Groups for over twenty years, Martie has experienced its power to help us access our inner wisdom and resolve personal issues, restoring and balancing our lives. Martie is available for classes, workshops, retreats, small groups, and consultations in both those disciplines. She is also available to lead retreats using the principles in her book Living Grace: Spirituality in the Everyday World.

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