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I offer classes, workshops, consultations, retreats and small groups.
Please contact me with any questions and for fees and availability.
The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system of wisdom for understanding ourselves and others. Its name comes from the Greek “ennea” meaning “9” and “gram” meaning “figure.” The nine pointed figure of the Enneagram points to descriptions of nine personality types. As we study the wisdom of the Enneagram we begin to understand our patterns of behavior and the motivations that underly each pattern. We learn to develop an inner observer and discover ways to break habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting which limit our full potential. At its core the Enneagram provides spiritual as well as psychological insight that shows us both the bane and the blessing of who we are, and in so doing it aids us  in becoming our truest, most compassionate and highest Self. 

Guided Imagery and Music and SoulCollage®

Both the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and SoulCollage® are approaches to help us access our own inner wisdom. They both help us grow in understanding of ourselves and our personal life path and help us live with more conscious awareness. GIM uses relaxation and classical music sequences that stimulate journeys of the imagination.  After experiencing the imagery with the music, I will engage you in a process to help you integrate what your experienced during the music session. In SoulCollage® I will guide you how to make cards from images you select, and then I will facilitate a process whereby you can dialogue with the cards regarding life issues of importance to you. After working with guided imagery and music and/or SoulCollage® people feel  more refreshed, centered, and spiritually awake. They gain new perspectives on their life issues and often feel more empowered to address them with renewed energy. 

The Living Grace Retreat

I am offering a retreat based on my book: Living Grace: Spirituality in the Everyday World.  In this book, I use the wisdom of Jesus, passages from the Bible, and compelling stories to offer twelve personal covenants that can lead to a more fulfilling and grace-filled life. During the retreat, I will speak about these covenants and offer ideas for journaling, self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and scripture reading that can help you on your path of spiritual discovery and transformation.  We will engage in meaningful activities and discussion, supporting one another as we learn to live out our faith in the everyday world.


If you are a seeker desiring a closer relationship with God, if you are a person of faith longing for a deeper connection with the Spirit, if you are a fellow traveler yearning to have “the life abundant” of which Jesus speaks, if you just sometimes wish you knew how to make life more meaningful and relationships more fulfilling, this retreat will provide you with tools for the journey and offer you spiritual encouragement on the way. 

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