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On Martie's Leadership...


"I have had the privilege of attending many of Martie's workshops on the Enneagram as well as her retreat on her book Living Grace. It's more than superior knowledge Martie offers, though she does have that, it is pure wisdom, the wisdom of an authentically lived spiritual life that shines through her."

                   -- Deborah Kaiser-Cross, author, Prayers through the Seasons 

On Martie's book Living Grace...

"Martie McMane brings together the generous heart of a pastor, the passion of a genuine believer, and the smarts of a street gal. The convergence yields a deeply felt rootedness that touches the concreteness of daily life. The grace-filled ways in which she writes matches the grace of God to which she bears witness. Readers may expect to have connections made for their faith and life that will be both new and transformative."

                       -- Walter Brueggemann,

world renowned biblical scholar , author of over 60 books

On Martie's Style...

Martie brings insight and depth to her teaching and writing without sacrificing directness or her own warm humanity. She brings a quality of self-revelation and vulnerability that can encourage the same in us. She shares memorable illustrations from the experiences of the high and the lowly, and shares her own life with humor and touching candor. She offers us a feast of riches for our spiritual transformation!"

            -- James B. Nelson,

author and Emeritus Professor of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities


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